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Get through to real people who talk real sense!

We do not try to be all things to all people! We focus on what we are the best at, which is ‘Joomla Hosting’ - it’s plain and simple!

A better hosting experience

Our experience in this matter extends back to when the project initially forked from Mambo, this positions us as the first turnkey hosting solution for Joomla! All this means that we are well positioned in knowing your systems and its requirements, which we believe translates into a better hosting experience.

Service Support Hours

24/7 365 days a year network support

We offer our clients a 24 hour, 365 days a year network support guarantee! This works with a number of innovated checks that are setup to monitor our systems every minute! When something is detected our system instantly runs through a number of self-healing algorithms as well as notifying our engineers right away!  In addition, our network is able to redirect traffic, further minimising downtime. As a result of this we are able to deal with 95% of all issues within 5 minutes!

9/5 GMT business support hours

Our support and sales teams are at full capacity from 09:00 to 17:00 GMT Monday to Friday. During these hours you are welcome to contact us and talk to someone who talks real sense! During non-office hours we would kindly invite you to post a ticket. During these times we operate with a reduced number of staff that monitor our servers and perform maintenance tasks.

What does our support service cover as standard?

A better hosting experience

Joomla Installation

We will instantly install and set you up with a free fully working installation of Joomla. You can choose what version you want when signing up however, if you change your mind and wish us to change your version or series of Joomla – no problem! Just pop your request in a ticket and we will take care of the rest!

Joomla Software Updates

Joomla Software Updates

Security plays a major factor to our service and you will be pleased to learn that we will automatically update your core Joomla software (should you wish to opt in).

It’s really easy - all you need to do is click on Approve when you receive a notification e-mail from us and we will do the rest!

60 Seconds Setup

Backups and restore service

We will automatically create daily, weekly and monthly back-ups for you. This means that you will have four complete versions of your website (including your live version) at any given time! These backups are all encompassing including your Joomla site (files and databases), emails, FTP accounts, domain forwarders, cronjobs and your entire server configuration!

In the unfortunate event that you need to revert to a recent backup we will be happy to offer the personal touch and ensure that this is restored correctly for you!  Just simply drop us a ticket and we will get to work on your behalf.

Joomla Software Updates

Moving your Joomla site has never been easier

Moving your Joomla site has never been easier!  All you need to do is backup your site in a single zip archive and simply restore it on any Joomla capable server - job done! It's surprisingly easy to do, it doesn't even require you to have FTP access or access to your database.

So if you’re ready to go, you can move NOW! Here's a comprehensive guide of what to do however, if you run into any trouble please feel welcome to give us a call.



Domain Registration, Transferring & Managing

If you have purchased your domain through JoomlaWired please be aware that it can take up to 24 hours for a domain registration to be processed however, this is not usual and normally only takes 10 seconds upon receipt of payment.

If you are transferring the domain please change the Name Server Records to NS1.JOOMLAWIRED.COM & NS2.JOOMLAWIRED.COM. This will inform your domain name to point to our service.

If you would like us to manage the domain as part of your hosting plan the simplest thing to do is drop your requirements in a support ticket, with a little assistance we will make the transition as smooth as possible.

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